Swing Sling
Swing Sling

Swing Sling

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Swing Correction

If you draw or slice often, The Swing Sling will correct that for you and straighten out your shot. When you hit the range with the Swing Sling, it will train you to always hit straight, the more you use it, the better you will get. It helps keep your downswing tight and prevents elbows from flailing out.

Muscle Memory

When you practice with The Swing Sling on, it trains your body using repetition so that when you decide to hit the course, you will have more confidence in your shot. We don't recommend using The Swing Sling on the course, as it will give you a competitive advantage. However it is a great tool to use prior to taking your shots. 

Strengthen Your Shot

We all know golf is not a strength sport, but the Swing Sling will train your arms to hit the ball harder and straighter simultaneously. The more you train with the Swing Sling, the better Golfer you become. Hitting the ball harder and straighter gets you closer to the green, and ultimately, closer to the Win.