Swing Sling

The Number One Selling Training Aid in the World

Never Go Water

We have all hit the ball into water, and it can be the most frustrating thing, but now you won't have to worry, training with the Swing Sling will keep your ball on course and far from water.

Swing Sling

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Straight Shots

When You go out to the Golf course you want Straight, far shots, The Swing Sling is made to keep your ball on the Fairway, and help you hit more Greens.

Get Better At Golf

Keep Your Elbows in!

If you have the tendency to flail your elbows when you swing, The Swing Sling will correct that for you and keep you hitting straight, and hitting far!

No More Ugly Swing

The Swing Sling is designed to give you the most ideal swing in golf. Whether you are hitting off the Tee, or off the fairway, the Swing Sling will help you hit more greens.

Stretchy Nylon

The Swing Sling is made out of very high quality stretchy nylon, it will last forever and the stretchyness keeps it from ever snapping.

Worlds Best Training Aid

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